Grace Mountain Church

A Church learning to
love God and others!

About us


Grace Mountain Church, located at Airport and Chelton in Colorado Springs, is a 'come as you are' congregation with a focus on learning how to love God and love others, both in and out of the church.  

Our worship is informal and God-focused.  

We value putting our faith into practice as individuals on a daily basis, building loving and Godly relationships with others, regardless of their background and life experience. 

Services at 9:15 a.m. Sundays  

Fellowship makes you fly!


These are the opportunities for fellowship that we offer during the week:


  Essentials       (Mondays at 6pm)

     Come have coffee, a little something to eat, good    

     fellowship and great bible discussion.


  Grace Group (Thursdays at 10:30am)

     Come fellowship with us as we discuss our way through

     the prophecy of Revelation.


  Thursday Morning Womens Study (Thursdays at 9a.m.)

     We are looking into spiritual warfare. Come be  

     encouraged in your walk with God.


  Men's Fellowship Breakfast (7:30am on 3rd Saturday each


     Come fellowship around the question of how to be more  

     Godly men.